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Digital entrepreneurs now can also create their own decentralized Whitelabel exchange easily with DexKit's tools, using AMM (Automated Market Maker) to fill user orders with decentralized 0x liquidity (at least thirty protocols are fully operative in this network).

Decentralization means that user will retain its funds every time. There is no need to deposit crypto assets anywhere in order to profit with order books as CEXs. In this case, DexKit's exchange users (we prefer to call our exchange KitDex) will be able to limit/spot buy/sell crypto assets anywhere*, anytime with the aforementioned liquidity.

Let's explain how to deploy your own KitDex and get the most of this amazing tool that can make you earn crypto assets passively if you invite your community to trade there.

First steps

Honoring decentralization and free software as an educational and liberating tool, all our tools are free to use, with the difference that if the user who wants to implement any of them aims to make a profit, they must buy and save around 500 KIT to unlock that feature.

Regardless of the decision on the topic mentioned above, you must enter this link where you will fill all the blanks with the necessary data to deploy your exchange.

Make sure you decide which will be the default network for the exchange. In this case we will use Polygon (or MATIC for its ticker). First you need to choose the network in your wallet (we explain the procedure to create or connect a wallet in this link).

Now you need to fill all the information in the form. We will show you below what you need here. Be cautious with the data you will input here to avoid start again 😅

Setting up (important to follow carefully)

General config

  1. DEX title: This will be the raw name of your exchange. The creativity in this case is all yours: PuppyDex, SocialTrade... or just give it your community name and make them trade there 🤯.

  2. DEX domain: you need to control a paid hosting with CNAME/Alias customization. We explain the procedure on this topic related to DSWAP Whitelabel product, but is basically the same procedure.

  3. Fee recipient address: Here you will input your ERC20 address. Remember that you will need at least 500 KIT to receive fees from your community trades.

  4. Affiliate percentage: the maximum percentage is 0.01 for the exchange.

  5. Icon URL: the image should be 28x28 pixels. Upload the image in your server and place the link here.

  6. Share image: this will be the image that will appear when you share your exchange's link on any social media/chat with enriched embeds. Size should be no much more than 600x400 pixels.

Visual theme

This is designer's favorite part! Make your exchange unique with your branding colors or just use high contrast ones to get the people's attention.

Listed tokens

You can input there the custom tokens to be listed on the exchange native network. Just follow the orange highlighted sections in the image below to add your favorite tokens 👇

Listed pairs

Choose the pairs you want to trade in your exchange. This is another great customization because can be used in several ways, including order sizing and precision indicators as shown in the image below

Market quotes

In this section users will set the default tokens displayed for quotations (pricing). Look in the image below how this section will appear for you

Are you ready? 🤔 why not export the configuration just in case? hit in the blue «Export config button» and save the .js file in your PC, then hit the green «Submit» button and follow the next image sequence:

After signing you will see the next screen. Remember your exchange name: it will be married with your application as the confirmation image shown below. You will need this link after to edit your exchange as much you want.

Now is the moment for the deployment inside DexKit's platform. After you close the image above you will need to follow the next steps:

Yay! Now let's copy the dApp domain route right there on the pop-up or after closing it, here 👇

Setting up CNAME/Alias

This part was explained here for CloudFlare DNS management but this configuration may vary dramatically, so you need to Google up a little and research how to configure correctly a new CNAME or Alias for your domain. We recommend to use CloudFlare distribution cloud because it guarantees protection and fast delivers.

After this configuration your exchange will be connected with your domain and you can start using it. We will keep the code and interface updated, so there is some updates incoming in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

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