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Building custom sections

Do you want to go beyond the basics and are looking to learn how to create your own radical designs for your crypto app? You are in the right place 👩‍🎨
In this section you will learn how to create a page with custom section for your Crypto App, which will allow you the highest level of customization possible.
After creating a new blank page, hit the «ADD CUSTOM SECTION»

To the right of your screen

After clicking in the «ADD CUSTOM SECTION» button you will see the layout below with a popup menu at the right with some options
Now hit the
option and keep forward.
Reminder: You need to drag the selected block to the position you want within the section editor.
This is our suggested initial steps to approach this section. First, add your background and inside of it add a container with other assets as well. With this steps you will assure correct alignment.

Available blocks / components *

Generic assets
Third party / Misc
Twitter timeline
Code snippet
Video (YouTube or Vimeo)
HTML5 video
Contract from user form
Widget (custom HTML/Script)
Swap plugin
NFT list
Search NFT
Asset section
Collection banner
DexGenerator form
Exchange plugin
QR Coin Receive
[*] We will be adding more blocks and features on demand.
Now that you are familiar with this section, let your imagination run wild and create the best crypto site ever imagined!

Limitations in design

If you are stacking multiple single NFT components in a single row use Containers to center and display correctly your NFTs. Check below the cases:
The incorrect way. Note how the extra NFT creates overflow and doesn't looks good without a Container.
The correct way to display more than three NFTs: using a Container.
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