Importing tokens

Steps to Import Tokens via CoinGecko API:

  1. Access the Import Token Modal: Navigate to the 'Settings Tokens' section and click on the 'Import' button.

  1. Search for Your Token: In the 'Search Token' field, begin typing the name or symbol of the token you wish to add from the predefined tokens below

  2. Select Your Token: Click on the desired token from the dropdown list or just enable it clicking in the blue switch at the right of the token

  3. Import new token: Click on the « + Import» button to open the following modal:

  1. Choose the right network among the provided.

  2. Click on Search Token and type the token you are looking for. The Contract Address, the Name the Symbol and Decimals will be automatically filled if the token you are looking for is available in CoinGecko's token API.

  3. If your token does not appear by looking in the search please paste the token contract and fill the other blanks as well. Your token may not be available on CoinGecko but it can be fully traded in your DApp.

  4. After you finished with this modal please click on «Import» blue button and go back to the token list. Your recently imported token must be there:

  1. Save all your imports and enjoy your new trading pairs! 🥳

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