Gated content

We have developed the “OnlyFans” for web3. Learn how to use this new tool to provide exclusive content to your customers and subscribers.

Introducing the innovative Gated Content tool developed by DexKit, designed to elevate the delivery of exclusive content to discerning subscribers, much like the renowned OnlyFans platform. With millions of users engaging in content creation through monthly subscriptions, DexKit's groundbreaking tool bridges the gap between creators and their dedicated audience.

Harnessing the power of decentralized technologies, this tool revolutionizes payment efficiency, surpassing the limitations of conventional FIAT payment systems. Bid farewell to credit cards and obscure databases, as blockchains' inherent transparency takes center stage.

Through this cutting-edge tool, your subscribers gain access to carefully curated content, tailored to your specifications and rules, all conveniently configured within your application. Imagine creating a captivating collection of NFTs functioning as access cards, or seamlessly incorporating an existing collection, even exploring other 0x-compatible tokens for added versatility.

Getting started

To explore this functionality it is necessary to have created a DApp using DexAppBuilder. Assuming this is the case, let's move on.

Click here to go directly to the instructions for creating your first DApp.

To start exploring the Gated Content tool you must visit your admin dashboard at DexKit's platform and edit your DApp (here are the instructions for editing an existent DApp).

Navigate to «Pages» section at the left menu (step 1 in the picture below). You will be able to see the main page of your DApp with all the components you're using there. Now hit on the «+ Create new page» button (as we shown as second step) to create your first page with Gated Content. Remember to give it a proper name.

Assuming you've just created your new page, you will now be able to see a new button with a shield called «Gated Conditions». Let's hit it as we show in the image below

Now you will see a new modal or window open on your screen asking you for some information that we will cover in detail:

By default there will only be one condition to be satisfied. You can add any other condition you want clicking on the blue «Add condition» button.

Required information

  • Type: choose between “Collection” (for collections of NFTs or non-fungible tokens) or “Coin” for conventional ERC-20 coins or tokens that you've already imported on your DApp.

  • Choose a collection: choose from the list the collection you want to use as conditional for your subscribers. This collection must have been previously imported into your DApp for it to appear. If not, don't worry! you can save your progress and go import them and then come back to this section.

  • Must have: how many tokens do you want your clients to hold in order to watch that specific content page.

After filling all the required fields, lets hit on the blue «Save» button that will redirect us to our clean new page section as we show below in the picture. Please hit the blue «save» button again now this time located on the lower right corner. This will ensure your Gated Conditions will be saved for this page.

At this moment you will be able to use every tool and component inside DexAppBuilder to create your amazing gated content. Follow our guide or watch our YouTube video to learn how to create a custom page based on your needs.

We love our community's ideas and often help them bring them to life with our products, so if you need help with your project or idea, visit us on Discord! is our core team's favorite platform for communicating with clients in real time.

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