Creating my first wallet

For those seeking a concise summary rather than delving into extensive guides, here's a quick snapshot.

Follow the steps below in order to successfully create your first wallet. Procedure is similar when creating any Crypto App with DexKit

  1. The first step is to create the Wallet app visiting this direct link.

  2. Connect your ERC20 wallet: if you don't have any, don't fret! you can create yours with any Google, Twitter, Discord or email credentials. Your identity will serve as safe haven for your assets, and you will be able to export as well your seed from Magic wallet service later.

  1. After logged with your new / legacy ERC20 wallet, now it's moment to fill all the blanks on the form below:

  • Name: the name of your wallet app. Be aware that the first name that you choose will keep forever as long your app it will be built with it making it immutable. If you want to rebrand your product just clone it here and choose your new name.

  • Email: your inbox for notifications and newsletters.

  • Logo: light mode branding logo for your product

  • Logo dark mode: your wallet is fully compatible with dark mode so you can choose a logo for that mode and make it look great in both views for all audiences.

  • Logo width and height: play with this option to make your logo suitable for your needs.

  • Favicon: your site icon, the one displayed in your clients' tabs.

  • Currency: select the default FIAT currency view for easy DCA and asset management.

  • Language: select the default language for your wallet. Your clients will be able to change it or use browsers' auto translation feature as well.

Are we ready here? Let's hit on «Continue» button below and authorize with your wallet if the system asks for it.

  1. Now it's time for theme customization! 🎨 you can change here all the basic colors for your app as well toggling your app to dark mode or light mode by default. Pick also the best font suitable for your needs. We're using Google Fonts API, so all fonts available there are also available in your crypto app.

  1. After clicking on «Continue» on themes you will be able to see the token manager section. Choose among the ones suggested (choose them all as well if you prefer) or import your favorite coin clicking in the «+ Import» button below the search bar.

The import section is connected to CoinGecko's API 🦎, so you will be able to display as default in your app any listed coin at that platform.

  1. Hit on «Finish» when you finish all the configurations and follow the popup messages.

  1. Let's see our DexWallet app 👀 Once you've completed the above steps, your DexWallet will be visible for you clicking in the link as we show below 👇

  1. Congratulations!!! 🥳 Now you are the proudly owner of your first (?) decentralized app! You can use this product to manage all your crypto assets in the Available networks(including your beautiful NFTs 😍).

Enjoy the liberty of having your own product with your own rules. Nobody will be able to restrict you from your assets, you won't need a modern device to manage them and definitely you will hold your assets every time.

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