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Managing this tool

Navigate to DexAppBuilder platform and follow the steps to enter in the administrative area. Go directly from here.
This is the administrative area. Here you can check your Crypto Apps in a simple way after connecting your wallet. As you can see here, the Crypto Apps that we created before are listed there.
We must configure the DNS in your web domain (hosting provider) so that it redirects to the address you created above for your Crypto App. Luckily we have enough information about how to do this procedure on CloudFlare here (this link redirects to our documentation).
If everything has gone well and you have carried out each of the steps described here, you will already be enjoying your great NFTs collection, like this one or this one 😻
Don't fret! You can edit any of your Crypto Apps anytime after deployed. No fees will be charged.

Editing my store(s)

Did you regret the initial design or do you plan to add more collections? Click on the hamburger menu to the right of the Crypto App you want to edit (highlighted in green) and click on “Edit” (highlighted in orange). The tool will take you to the initial wizard where you can make the changes you consider.
Your Crypto App code settings are saved every time you click on the blue «SAVE» button at the bottom of each section. Do not forget to save progressively!
Choose your DexNFTShop here and click in the Edit option.
Now navigate to Layout – Pages. Check out your only component in the section and click in the pencil 👇
Yes, the one inside the green circle.
Here is the main customization section for your Store. Feel free to change all that you need and click on «SAVE»
Click on the blue «SAVE» button below the component and voilá! 🧙‍♂️ wait a few seconds until changes are propagated and your store will be successfully modified.
Last modified 6mo ago