Creating my first store

This is a quick glimpse for all those who don't like to waste time reading complete guides.

Follow the steps below in order to successfully create your first store, without any hassle or friction.

  1. Create an NFT marketplace with DexAppBuilder: The first step is to build an NFT marketplace using DexAppBuilder. (Details on Creating my first DApp). This serves as the foundation for your DexNFTStore and allows you to showcase and sell your NFTs.

  2. Import NFT collections: After setting up your marketplace, import the NFT collections you want to display. You can also add individual NFTs to your marketplace.

  3. Open offers for NFTs you want to sell: To make your NFTs available for sale in your DexNFTStore, create open offers for each item you want to sell. Remember that only NFTs with open offers from the creator will be displayed for sale in the DexNFTStore.

  4. Customize your branding: Create a unique look and feel for your store by adding custom branding elements. DexNFTStore provides a quick sale system that allows creators to showcase their brand identity.

  5. Launch your DexNFTStore: Once you've completed the above steps, your DexNFTStore is ready for buyers to browse and purchase NFTs directly.

It's crucial to understand the importance of first creating an app with DexAppBuilder and importing the desired NFT collections before opening offers for the NFTs you want to sell. This process ensures that your DexNFTStore displays the correct items for sale, allowing buyers to acquire them directly from you and not from another sellers.

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