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App version control

Easily roll back between versions of your crypto app.
If you have made many changes to your crypto app you can go back to a previous version and undo them without having to do all the step-by-step procedures.

Getting started

To start using version control, access this option from the administration of your crypto app.
Once inside the version control section you must create the first version (which is the current version of your crypto app)
Now you must fill out the two corresponding fields. You can use numbers in the name field and put the changes you have made to your crypto app in the description.👇
As you can see in the image below, two versions have been created for the crypto app in the example: the default version (the first) and another version without the top menu items.

Using the actions

Preview app version
Edit this version
Set app to this version
Delete this version
Last modified 2mo ago