Creating my first swap

Learn how to design and deploy your first smart DEX aggregator.

From now on you will enjoy a simple experience to deploy this product. Follow the steps and you will soon have your fully functional DEX aggregator:

  1. Navigate to the Quick Swap builder and fill all the blanks with the requested information about your swap. The name (it will the same for your domain name, so be careful here unless you are willing to use custom domains). Click on the blue «CONTINUE» button when you finish.

  1. Change theme colors in this section, including fonts (Google fonts are enabled). Choose between any default combinator or pick the Custom option and add your colors to match with your brand and desires. When you finish here click on the blue «CONTINUE» button below and let's proceed with the next step.

  1. Here lays the token section. Choose and enable the default ones or click in the «IMPORT» button to display the ones aren't offered by default.

  1. The search bar there is connected to CoinGecko's API, so will find any token listed there right in your App 👇👀

Bitcoin maxis! This is for you as well! 🤗
  1. And, in the last section, you will choose which will be your default network (the one that opens automatically when you or your clients navigate to your product), default input token (what you have) and default output token (what you get).

This product has been designed as well for those who have custom tokens and want to run their own ICOs on this platform.

  1. After choosing the tokens set as well the slippage rate by default. Use one of the suggested values to avoid failures in transactions.

  2. Click on «FINISH» blue button. The dashboard should open again but your product should be finished and look like this one 👇

This product is up and running to make you money! 🤑

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