Configuring navbar

The navigation bar is an important part of your DApp, and in this section you can customize it and make it look great, in addition to giving it the correct utility.

Setting up the menu

The menu can contain all the elements you choose, from internal pages of your DApp to external links.

This is the menu distribution we chose for this DApp.

Setting up menu item icons

You can select an icon for each link you use for your top menu.

After clicking the image icon a modal with hundreds of predefined icons will appear 👇
Choose your favorite icon for each menu element.

This option is very useful for DApps with a lot of data (tokens and NFT collections loaded), saving the visitor time in obtaining information about the asset they are looking for.

You can choose whether to hide the NFT collections or the tokens, or show both.

We provide some options so that users have the freedom to choose which menu layout is most in line with the product in question. Below is an example for each of the available menu layouts:

Menu type: Navbar Variant: Default

Menu type: Navbar Variant: Alt

Menu type: Sidebar Variant: Default

Menu type: Sidebar Variant: Mini

Mini Navbar menu

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