Deploying this product

Getting Started

How-to Deploy Your Exchange on DexAppBuilder

1. Access the DexAppBuilder Platform

  • Navigate to the DexAppBuilder website.

  • Ensure you're logged in to your account connecting your wallet at the top left.

2. Start the Quick Exchange Builder

  • From the main dashboard, select the "AppBuilder" option.

  • Click on "Exchange App Builder".

3. General Configuration

  • Name: Enter the name of your exchange. For this example, we'll use "Tradex".

  • E-mail: Provide a contact or support email. For instance,

  • Logo: Upload your exchange logo. Ensure you have separate logos for regular and dark themes.

    • Regular Logo Dimensions: Width: 150px, Height: 50px

    • Mobile Dimensions: Width: 48px, Height: 48px

  • Language: Set your desired language. In this example, it's set to English (US).

  • Currency: Choose the default currency for your platform, e.g., US Dollar.

4. Theme Selection

  • Font: Choose a font that best matches your brand's style. The example uses "Open Sans".

  • Theme: Select a theme for your exchange. Options include Light, Dark, Default, Kittygotchi, CryptoPunk, BoredApe, and Custom. Adjust as necessary to fit your brand.

5. Token Configuration

  • Add the tokens you wish to feature on your platform. Some of the tokens in the example include DAI Stablecoin, USD Coin, Tether USD, and Wrapped Ether.

6. Exchange Configuration

  • Default Network: Set the default network for your exchange. The example uses Ethereum.

  • Networks: Choose the blockchains on which your exchange will operate. The example includes Ethereum, Optimism, SmartChain, Polygon, Fantom, and possibly Avalanche or Arbitrum.

  • Tokens and Pairs:

    • Base token: Set to WETH (Wrapped Ether).

    • Quote token: Set to USDT (Tether).

  • Fees:

    • Fee Recipient Address: Enter the address that will receive the fees. For this example, it's 0xa4B2815866ca21B681d2e1C25a9AS4ced751A2e3.

    • Fee Amount: Set the amount for the fee. The example uses a fee of 1 (currency or percentage is not specified).

7. Finalize and Deploy

  • Once you've configured all settings, preview your app using the "PREVIEW APP" button.

  • If everything looks good, click "FINISH" or any equivalent deployment button to launch your exchange.

Note: Always double-check your configurations, especially addresses and fee structures, to ensure they are correct before deploying your app. Ensure that you also adhere to any terms of service or guidelines provided by the DexAppBuilder platform.

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