Referral system

Aimed at those engaged in referral marketing, in order to strengthen the bond with their users by knowing the source channel from which they arrive.


All DApps created with DexAppBuilder have a referral system automatically included and very easy to use. Below are the steps to use it correctly:

  1. Creating your DApp: this is the most important step because is the start point.

  2. Once in your DApp backend navigate to the Analyticsโ€“Events section as we shown below

  1. Let's create some example ref tags, these will be two and will be called blog and social. If the full name + domain DApp is called you need to append the /?ref=your-tag to it, for example:

For the blog tag:

For the social tag:

Checking the interactions

In the same page below you will see a data-plenty table (if you set up your referral system and you are already receiving users).

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