Creating tokens

Why not tokenize your idea or business? Digital entrepreneurs now have an opportunity to mint their ideas on the blockchain and easily provide them with liquidity. DexKit provides an easy-to-use wizard to deploy token contracts on Ethereum, Binance Chain and Polygon networks in only 10 minutes or less without coding.

Cryptocurrencies aren't used only for online projects, can also be minted to grant lifetime shares, invitations to events, certifications of any kind, among a thousand other functionalities. Minting an idea on the blockchain will create immutable metadata that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any place.

Your new contract will be ready after accepting the interaction in your wallet and your new tokens will be available on your wallet. You can do anything you want with them: send to other ERC-20 addresses, burn them (send your tokens to unrecoverable addresses like the ones on this list), stake them, airdrop your friends, ect.

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