Creating NFT collections

This tool will be deprecated soon. We recommend to use the newest Overview to create new NFT collections.

Graphic artists, designers, illustrators, photographers and the general public can create and manage their NFT marketplaces with DexKit and the white label solution for NFTs.

In the simplest way, anyone can mint their creations on the blockchain of their choice (so far DexKit allows minting on Ethereum, Binance Chain and Polygon networks).

To enter in the NFT marketplace creator you need to login into the SuperApp, click on «Wizard» section in the left menu and click in the + icon to start.

In the NFT wizard, section «Collection description» just fill in the blanks with all the general information about your NFT collection:

Let's go to the second part. Here you will upload and add the information for each one of your NFTs for this collection:

Here's the first NFT from your NFT collection! Fill all the blanks with the info and be careful with the «Traits» section if you will use them to give your NFTs some "Super Powers".

Let's assume that our collection is just one NFT, after clicking «Next» you will see the screen below:

Now you need to confirm and pay the transaction fees. Remember that using Binance Chain or Polygon to mint your NFT collection will be way cheaper for you, so take that in consideration.

After finishing this step you can check your collection in the SuperApp wizard section and manage all details.

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