This tool gives you all the power you need to sell your digital creations in the form of NFTs or also ERC20 tokens as well, within an environment that only you can control as a seller and owner of the market, hosted at all times by an infallible service (always online with the best latency) and free to use with Open Source code.
Typical well-known marketplaces such OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, Immutable, among a dozen others) will always charge royalties–and sometimes inexplicable fees–for each operation of their clients. Although it is true that they advertise hard to help users sell quickly, they offer scarce options regarding customization and fee control, even any user can be banned from such platforms. Nobody will be able to take you out of your own NFT market and profits will be always yours.

Who is this tool for?

Designed for digital entrepreneurs with artistic gifts, established artists, musicians, NFT lovers or even for the album you are making with photos of your pet.
Nowadays, anyone can create and manage their own NFT collection and market to profit from them, or just immortalize those important moments of their life in the blockchain network they choose among those available.
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