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KitDex exchange built by DexKit is the one of the most decentralized ways to trade like were doing it in a conventional centralized exchange (or CEX).
No man-in-the-middle is needed to access and trade funds. 0x liquidity is available 24/7.
Users can place zero-fee limits orders and wait for them to get filled with 0x protocol liquidity. KIT DEX is able to fill orders > $5,000 USD giving the basic users the chance to get profits with small orders.
For now KitDex is only available for Ethereum assets but soon we will increase compatibility with other 0x networks as well.
There is also an advanced view with more chart features and detail:
Draw your lines and demarcate your patterns without fear that cookies can record what you do.
KitDex Whitelabel product is compatible with Ethereum, Binance Chain and Polygon blockchains as well.
Last modified 1yr ago