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After connecting your wallet you need to pick the pairs you will use for trading on DSWAP platform. Let's explain this with an example. We're going to buy KIT on Polygon network, what should we do?

Select the correct network

In order to get the right KIT tokens for our operation we need to choose the right network (remember that KIT token is present on three networks, so you can get confused by this).
Polygon is right in the center (and the green dot says we're there). Just click in Polygon and keep forward.

Pick your first option (what you have)

After choosing the right network, you will see again the swap interface with two options. In the first one you need to put the coin you hold. We are choosing DAI (dollar-pegged token) for the example.
Remember that you need to approve each trading pair before proceeding. This just needs to be done once for each pair.
Now put the amount of tokens you want to sell and click on the «Swap» blue button. It's time to approve the outgoing transaction in your wallet.
After approving the transaction just wait few seconds to get your KIT tokens.
Last modified 1yr ago