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What is?

DSWAP is a powerful DEX aggregator fed with liquidity of dozens of trading protocols inside the massive 0x network (Uniswap, Balancer, DODO, Mooniswap, Kyber Network, Curve, Bancor, mStable and other liquidity sources to give the traders the best price–in real time– for each trading operation using the basic Uniswap layout (UI) to simplify the experience for users.
We got this meme from our community 😂

How it works?

All is about liquidity routing and gas optimizations. Sounds easy to fix, but isn't that simple. Taking the best available liquidity can take a lot of time to index and show on trader's screen. The correct contract routings will make cheaper transactions reducing slippage rates.
No need to visit each one of those aggregators. DSWAP catches all the liquidity details to save you time.
Swap your favorite tokens in the 0x liquidity pools;
Placing limit orders for user's favorite tokens on supported networks;
Adding liquidity on pools to earn fees for trading.
✅Works smoothly on Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom networks.
0x API services may be restricted for several countries. Check their Terms of Services if you encountered erros using the platform.
Last modified 1yr ago