Token Drop

Facilitate the issuance of new ERC20 tokens for a predetermined price.

Introducing Token Dropโ€”an efficient mechanism for releasing your ERC20 tokens at predefined prices. This system enables you to establish the terms under which your users can claim their tokens. These terms include allowlists, release schedules, and claim limits.

Within the Token Drop contract, you can specify the cost of your tokens during each claim phase and set a maximum number of tokens available for release. Other users can then claim these tokens based on the conditions you've defined.

Practical Use Cases & Examples

The Token Drop contract is versatile and can serve various purposes:

  • Cryptocurrency Launch: Use the Token Drop contract to launch your new cryptocurrency with a fixed price, like 1 MATIC per token.

  • Restricted Access: Prioritize specific wallets by allowing them to claim your ERC20 tokens before making them available to the general public.

  • Time-Limited Claims: Enable users to claim tokens until a certain date, fostering a sense of urgency and participation.

  • Gradual Distribution: Implement a phased approach to token distribution by adjusting token prices and quantities over different claim phases.

  • Community Engagement: Reward active participants by setting up token drops as incentives, encouraging ongoing engagement.

  • Special Events: Tailor token drops for specific events or milestones, enhancing community bonding.

Deploying this contract

  • Name: The name for this Token drop according to your idea.

  • Symbol: This will be the ticker ($EXAMPLE) for this Token drop. Keep it short.

  • Description: You can be creative here because this is the description that this contract will have for the purposes that you have arranged.

  • Image: Upload your image for this contract. Your image will be stored at IPFS ensuring persistence over time.

  • Sale Recipient: This address will receive all the tokens for each sale on the contract that we're about to deploy. The one by default is the connected wallet one. It can be changed for any other one.

  • Recipient Address: For contracts involving primary sales, acquire supplementary fees for all primary sales occurring on this contract. (This is advantageous if you are deploying this contract on behalf of a third party and wish to levy fees for your services). If this contract serves as a marketplace, obtain a percentage from all secondary sales taking place within your contract.

    • Platform fee percentage: for the supplementary fees above mentioned.

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