SignatureDrop (unlisted)

Implement signature-based minting of ERC721 tokens for enhanced security.

The Signature Drop contract makes adept use of the ERC721A standard, presenting a platform for the unveiling of an exclusive collection of unparalleled one-of-one NFTs.

By harnessing the concept of lazy minting, you initiate the NFT creation process through metadata upload and a meticulous configuration of a solitary claim phase. Within this phase, the blueprint for claiming NFTs is meticulously laid out, spanning considerations like allow listing, release timing, and potential delayed revelations.

The inclusion of "signature" within the contract's nomenclature alludes to the innovative signature-based minting feature. This feature extends the capability to users, granting them the ability to mint NFT(s) subject to a custom-defined set of criteria that can be verified on-demand. Importantly, this feature operates independently from the stipulations set within the claim phase.

Noteworthy Clarification on OpenSea Creator Fees

It's pivotal to recognize that this contract, in its default state, does not align with the OpenSea royalties or creator fees paradigm. For OpenSea compatibility that encompasses these considerations, you can opt to deploy an OpenSea-conforming ERC721 Drop, accessible via the provided link.

Exploration of Practical Use Cases & Illustrative Scenarios

  • Gas-Optimized PFP Showcase: Craft an innovative PFP Collection underscored by gas optimization, where each NFT showcases an exclusive amalgamation of traits, appealing to discerning collectors.

  • Merit-Based Claiming: Capitalize on the signature-based minting functionality to provide selective users the privilege to claim NFTs, creating a sense of exclusivity.

  • Thematic NFT Unveiling: Engineer a captivating thematic NFT launch, where the NFTs adhere to a specific theme, fostering a unified and captivating collection.

  • Criteria-Driven Engagement: Utilize the signature-based minting attribute to create engagement-centric criteria, motivating users to partake in actions to unlock the ability to mint NFTs.

  • Collective Identity NFTs: Release NFTs tailored to specific communities, affiliations, or interests, celebrating the collective identity through digital art.

  • NFT Scholarship Awards: Leverage the innovative minting feature to reward deserving individuals with NFT scholarships based on specific achievements or qualifications.

  • Interactive Tokenomics: Innovate tokenomics by embedding utility into the NFT minting process, where users can mint NFTs to access certain functionalities within a decentralized ecosystem.

Deploying this contract

  • Name: The name for this Signature Drop according to your idea.

  • Symbol: This will be the ticker for this drop. Keep it short.

  • Description: What is this contract for? What is the purpose? Define everything you need here to ensure the best description.

  • Image: Upload your image for this contract. Your image will be stored at IPFS ensuring persistence over time.

  • Sale Recipient: This address will receive all the tokens for each sale on the contract that we're about to deploy. The one by default is the connected wallet one. It can be changed for any other one.

  • Royalty recipient: set default royalty recipient address for this drop.

    • Royalty percentage: Here the percentage of each sale that will be sent to the address that receives the royalties will be defined.

  • Recipient Address: For contracts involving primary sales, acquire supplementary fees for all primary sales occurring on this contract. (This is advantageous if you are deploying this contract on behalf of a third party and wish to levy fees for your services). If this contract serves as a marketplace, obtain a percentage from all secondary sales taking place within your contract.

    • Platform fee percentage: for the supplementary fees above mentioned.

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