Marketplace (unlisted)

Enable the trading of ERC721/ERC1155 tokens within a secure marketplace environment.

The core of the Marketplace contract empowers users to curate listings for NFTs available through direct purchase or auction. Fellow users, in turn, can submit offers, place bids, or acquire the NFTs at the stipulated amount articulated within the listing.

The malleability of the marketplace configuration allows for the imposition of certain parameters. It can be tailored to solely permit specific users to list NFTs for sale, or alternatively, to extend this privilege universally, enabling any user to put up NFTs for sale.

Practical Scenarios & Instances

An array of practical scenarios materialize within the purview of the Marketplace contract:

  • Personal NFT Sales: Harness the power of the Marketplace contract to effectively retail your NFT holdings within the context of your marketplace.

  • Timed Auctions: Craft auctions characterized by a predefined temporal framework, where the highest bidder, at the culmination of the stipulated time, emerges victorious in claiming the NFT.

  • Inclusive Market Dynamics: Pave the way for an open marketplace environment mirroring the likes of OpenSea, where any user is empowered to list their NFTs for sale, fostering a diversified and accessible ecosystem.

  • Curated Collections: Forge a space for thematic NFT sales, aggregating specific collections under a unified marketplace, catering to niche interests.

  • Loyalty Programs: Employ the Marketplace contract to offer exclusive listing privileges to loyal community members, bolstering user engagement and commitment.

  • Collaborative Ventures: Establish collaborative marketplaces where multiple creators contribute to a singular platform, consolidating diverse NFT offerings.

Deploying this contract

  • Name: The name for this Marketplace according to your idea.

  • Symbol: This will be the ticker for this drop. Keep it short.

  • Description: Here lays the description that this contract will have for the purposes that you have arranged.

  • Image: Upload your image for this contract. Your image will be stored at IPFS ensuring persistence over time.

  • Recipient Address: In the case of a primary sales contract, you can receive supplementary fees for every primary sale conducted through this contract. This feature proves valuable when deploying the contract on behalf of a third party and seeking compensation for your services. Alternatively, if this contract functions as a marketplace, you have the opportunity to acquire a portion of the proceeds from all secondary sales that occur on your platform.

    • Percentage: for the supplementary fees above mentioned.

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