Create editions of ERC1155 tokens, facilitating limited releases and collectibles.

The Edition contract comes into its own when the aim is to unveil an array of NFTs built upon a common asset, while sidestepping the conventional "drop" or "release" mechanism that typically accompanies community-centric claims.

Distinct from the Edition Drop contract, this iteration forgoes the concept of lazy minting. Instead, the NFTs are promptly minted at the moment of their addition to the collection.

This approach endows you with the freedom to execute actions such as NFT transfers, marketplace sales, and any other conventional NFT operations.

For advanced scenarios, the Edition contract stands fortified with signature-based minting capabilities, further expanding its repertoire.

Insights into OpenSea Creator Earnings

This contract naturally accommodates the framework for OpenSea creator earnings. This mechanism empowers creators by default, with the possibility for the contract admin to toggle this support on and off via the setOperatorRestriction function in the contract explorer.

Practical Use Cases & Illustrative Scenarios

The Edition contract resonates across an array of applications:

  • Collectible Compilation: Embark on the journey of curating an NFT Collection, where each individual NFT is represented by a distinctive rendition of a common asset, yielding a harmonious yet diverse assortment.

  • Unified Airdrop: Utilize the Edition contract to conduct an airdrop initiative, wherein a predefined list of addresses receives an NFT that collectively utilizes shared asset and metadata.

  • Multiplicative Creations: Multiply your artistic creations by minting multiple "copies" of your artwork, thereby expanding your market reach while maintaining exclusivity.

  • Membership Access: Employ the Edition contract as a mechanism to grant exclusive NFT access to a select group or membership.

  • Digital Event Souvenirs: Generate NFTs that commemorate specific digital events, conferences, or milestones, enhancing the engagement and sense of belonging among participants.

  • Serialized Storytelling: Craft serialized narrative arcs through a collection of NFTs, each contributing a segment of the story while being underpinned by a shared foundational asset.

  • Variable Editions: Explore the realm of limited editions by combining common foundational assets with nuanced variations that create a spectrum of editions within the collection.

Deploying this contract

  • Name: The name for this Edition contract according to your idea.

  • Symbol: This will be the ticker for this drop. Keep it short.

  • Description: You can be creative here because this is the description that this contract will have for the purposes that you have arranged.

  • Image: Upload your image for this contract. Your image will be stored at IPFS ensuring persistence over time.

  • Primary Sale Recipient: This address will receive all the tokens for each sale on the contract that we're about to deploy. The one by default is the connected wallet one. It can be changed for any other one.

  • Royalty recipient: set default royalty recipient address for each sale.

    • Royalty percentage: Here the percentage of each sale that will be sent to the address that receives the royalties will be defined.

  • Recipient address: In the case of a primary sales contract, you can receive supplementary fees for every primary sale conducted through this contract. This feature proves valuable when deploying the contract on behalf of a third party and seeking compensation for your services. Alternatively, if this contract functions as a marketplace, you have the opportunity to acquire a portion of the proceeds from all secondary sales that occur on your platform.

    • Platform fee percentage: for the supplementary fees above mentioned.

Embedding this contract's UI

Once you have successfully deployed this contract, we go to the section where all the contracts previously deployed by you are located. In the top menu click on โ€œDexGeneratorโ€ and then on โ€œManage contractsโ€ ๐Ÿ‘‡

Once you are there you will be able to view in an orderly manner all the contracts that you have deployed with the connected wallet and, next to each one, two buttons: "Manage" and "Create form". Let's click on "Manage".

Once inside the administrative section of the chosen contract (In this case Edition, which consists of the minting of ERC1155 NFTs) you will be able to mint your pieces one by one by clicking on the "Mint NFT" button and filling out the fields requested by the platform.

  • Pick the image for your NFT clicking in the blue image upload component.

  • Quantity: Up to 20 on first batch. You can always mint more NFTs later.

  • Name for this NFT.

  • Description for this NFT.

  • Add attributes: give rarity by custom traits to your NFT.

Once you minted a few ones your dashboard should look like this one below, filled with NFTs:

Follow the path here and let's click on the first NFT to manage, as shown below ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • View NFT: Clicking here will drive you to the single asset page on DexAppBuilder.

  • View NFT drop: Here you will be able to check deep statistics about this specific NFT drop as total quantity, total minted by users and total left to mint

If you change dexappbuilder.dexkit.com in the URL name for yourdapp.dexkit.app domain, you will be able to see this NFT in your DApp. Make sure to import it in your product as we recommend here in the docs.

  • Transfer NFT: Pressing on this blue button will open you the following modal for transferring to another wallets ๐Ÿ‘‡

As owner of all the NFTs you will be able to list them in your DApp and ask for the token pair you want (as long you imported it in your DApp as we explain in the documentation).

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