Airdrop ERC721 NFTs to a list of recipients.

The AirdropERC721 contract by ThirdWeb facilitates the efficient distribution of ERC721 NFTs to a predefined list of recipients. This contract is particularly useful when recipients are not required to individually claim their airdrop; instead, they seamlessly receive it through a transfer mechanism.

Key Features

  1. NFT Airdropping: Enables the bulk transfer of ERC721 NFTs to multiple recipient addresses.

  2. Simplified Recipient Experience: Recipients do not need to individually claim the airdrop; they automatically receive the NFTs through a transfer process.

  3. Customizable Airdrop Parameters: Specify the NFT collection address, owner address, and an array of recipient addresses with associated token IDs for a seamless airdropping experience.

Airdrop Process

  1. Specify the NFT collection address from which NFTs will be transferred.

  2. Provide the owner address of the NFTs for the transfer process.

  3. Create an array of recipient objects with recipient addresses and corresponding token IDs.

  4. Ensure token owners approve the airdrop contract by calling the approval-related function on the ERC721 contract.


  1. Community Building:

    • Use Case: A project wants to foster community engagement by rewarding active members with unique ERC721 NFTs. The AirdropERC721 contract enables the distribution of these NFTs to community members seamlessly.

  2. Event Tokenization:

    • Use Case: An organizer wishes to tokenize event memorabilia as ERC721 NFTs and distribute them to attendees. The AirdropERC721 contract simplifies the process, allowing for efficient and automatic token distribution.

  3. Reward Programs:

    • Use Case: Companies or platforms running reward programs can utilize the AirdropERC721 contract to distribute exclusive NFTs to participants, enhancing the incentive structure and promoting user loyalty.

  4. Digital Art Drops:

    • Use Case: Artists looking to distribute limited edition digital art pieces can use the AirdropERC721 contract to send these NFTs directly to the collectors' wallets, creating a seamless and personalized experience.

  5. Tokenized Gaming Assets:

    • Use Case: Game developers can airdrop ERC721 tokens representing in-game assets or characters to players, enhancing the gaming experience and providing unique digital items to the community.

  6. Educational Certificates:

    • Use Case: Educational institutions can use the AirdropERC721 contract to distribute digital certificates or badges as NFTs to students, providing a secure and verifiable way to showcase achievements.

  7. Collaborative Projects:

    • Use Case: Collaborative projects involving multiple creators or contributors can distribute joint NFTs to participants using the AirdropERC721 contract, ensuring fair and automated distribution.

  8. Brand Loyalty Programs:

    • Use Case: Brands can employ NFTs as loyalty rewards, airdropping them to customers who reach certain milestones or make significant purchases, creating a novel and collectible loyalty program.

  9. Charitable Campaigns:

    • Use Case: Charities can distribute NFTs to donors as a token of appreciation, using the AirdropERC721 contract to automate the process and acknowledge contributors with unique digital assets.

  10. Tokenized Real Estate Ownership:

    • Use Case: Real estate platforms can distribute ERC721 tokens representing fractional ownership in properties as airdrops to investors, streamlining the distribution of digital property assets.

Deploying this contract

During deployment, the AirdropERC721 contract requires the following parameters:

  1. Contract Metadata:

    • Name: [Enter Contract Name]

    • Symbol: [Enter Contract Symbol]

    • Description: [Enter Contract Description]

    • Image: [Upload Image File]

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