Airdrop ERC20 tokens on the chain's native token to a list of recipients.

The AirdropERC20 contract by ThirdWeb streamlines the distribution of ERC20 tokens or native tokens (e.g., Ether on the Ethereum mainnet) to a predefined list of recipients. This contract is particularly useful when recipients are not required to individually claim their airdrop; instead, they automatically receive the tokens through a transfer.

Key Features

  1. Token Airdrop: Facilitates the hassle-free airdrop of ERC20 tokens or native tokens to a specified list of recipient addresses.

  2. Recipient List: Utilizes an array of objects containing recipient addresses and token amounts, simplifying the configuration of the airdrop parameters.

Use Cases & Examples

  1. Token Airdrop Campaigns:

    • Use Case: Distribute promotional tokens to a targeted audience automatically.

    • Example: Rewarding loyal users or community members with tokens without requiring manual claims.

  2. Community Rewards:

    • Use Case: Allocate tokens to community members based on their contributions.

    • Example: Recognizing and incentivizing community engagement with token rewards.

  3. Token Incentives for Users:

    • Use Case: Encourage platform usage by airdropping tokens to users.

    • Example: Boosting user adoption by providing incentives through token distributions.

  4. Event Giveaways:

    • Use Case: Conduct giveaways during events by airdropping tokens to participants.

    • Example: Engaging event attendees and creating excitement through token giveaways.

  5. Automated Staking Rewards:

    • Use Case: Distribute staking rewards automatically to token holders.

    • Example: Implementing a hands-free staking reward system for token holders.

  6. Token Grants for Development:

    • Use Case: Provide development grants by airdropping tokens to selected addresses.

    • Example: Supporting developers and projects through token grants for further ecosystem growth.

  7. Token Allocation for Liquidity Providers:

    • Use Case: Reward liquidity providers by airdropping tokens based on their contribution.

    • Example: Incentivizing liquidity provision on decentralized exchanges with token rewards.

  8. Employee Token Distributions:

    • Use Case: Facilitate token distributions to employees as part of compensation.

    • Example: Integrating token rewards into employee compensation structures.

  9. Tokenized Voting Incentives:

    • Use Case: Encourage participation in tokenized voting events through airdrop incentives.

    • Example: Increasing voter turnout by rewarding participants with tokens.

  10. Gasless Transactions with Trusted Forwarders:

    • Use Case: Enable gasless transactions using ERC-2771 and trusted forwarders.

    • Example: Facilitating transactions without requiring users to hold ETH for gas fees.

Deploying this contract

During deployment, the following parameters are required:

  1. Contract Metadata:

    • Name: [Enter Contract Name]

    • Symbol: [Enter Contract Symbol]

    • Description: [Enter Contract Description]

    • Image: [Upload Image File]

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