Creating my first NFT collection

Generate NFT collections, tokens and other types of Smart Contracts using this tool (in development)

Assuming that you have already read the previous topics, let's get down to business.

You will learn how to create your contracts with digital collectibles easily and for free (using the Polygon testnet, Mumbai).

Get some free tokens at for Polygon Mumbai testnet. You will need them to test your minting process before doing it on the Available networks.

Let's do it!

  1. The first thing is to visit the Contract Wizard site []. Once there you should connect your web3 wallet following the image below

  1. Once connected you will be able to see the dashboard with the collections you have. As you are a new user, you will see this blank screen, only with the options to start creating your collections.

  1. In this section we will enter the initial data of our collection. Be specific and fill all the blanks. Keep in mind that after being minted in the blockchain you will not be able to change any collection metadata, so take your previsions.

For KIT holders: if user holds 1,000 KIT it will have right to generate 50 images per month. The balance will be automatically fetched in the wallet while creating the collection.

  1. Please wait until the modal finish it's job minting your collection metadata until the second green ✅

  1. The time has come to mint NFTs for our collection! 🥳 We truly hope you read all the Requirements and Limitations to continue. If you didn't yet, please give them a look. You're still on time! 🏃‍♀️

  1. Here we will proceed to fill in the data of our first NFT taking into account the Limitations. Let's unravel this process for the sake of your better understanding:

  • NFT image: load your picture. Any image format is allowed, so in the case you don't see any of your images just type in the OS search *.* All files will appear in your screen and you can now choose your pictures.

  • Quantity: Maximum 20 pieces per NFT (as we stated on Limitations), 30 per first push and unlimited minting after creating. We pushed a top number to avoid contract bottlenecking.

  • Name: the name of this specific digital collectible.

  • Description: What is this NFT about? You can add your description using Markdown language and embed external links as well.

💡 If you plan to use our AI imaging tool, please note that each attempt will still count towards your quota. Be precise in the description.

  • Traits: this part is totally up to you and to your collection needs. If you are minting a very unique collection with rare items you can use the trait indicators to make each piece special.

  1. This last action [Create NFTS] will open another modal. Accept every interaction in your wallet as we explain in the Nº4.

  2. If the modal went fine, you should see your new collection clicking on []

Now check how this collection will look after creating items with the AI tool 👇

We hope this new tool will inspire and facilitate your trade in digital collectibles, and we also hope to improve it on demand.

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