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Kittygotchi pets

The Kittygotchi NFT Pet Shelter is that place where users can adopt (or mint) a kitten, feed it daily to upgrade his skills and change his outfit based on KIT savings.
Kittygotchi customizations will only work on the network where users minted their NFT pet and keep their KIT savings.

Feeding your Kittygotchi

The Kittygotchi NFT pet has three variable gauges: attack, defense, and run. After each daily feeding session, one of these indicators will increase and will be added to your pet's total points, positioning it in the rankings that will be awarded by the DexKit team.
Just hit in the «meals» icon each 24 hours to keep your Kittygotchi happy.
There is also more updates including Kittygotchi NFT pets (casual or arcade games, beauty contests and other ideas to be fitted in the NFT collection).

Consequences for neglecting Kittygotchi

The Kittygotchi NFT pet will lose points if is not fed in more than 24 hours like any other creature. This feature will be well rewarded in the future when Kittygotchi full gamification became a reality.
The longer you take to feed your kitten, the more points it will lose 😿

Editing Kittygotchi look

Your KIT holdings will define how much customizations are enabled for your NFT pet. Users will show fidelity displaying their «boosted» kittens and will be rewarded via beauty contests, airdrops and dashboard future gamification.
Hit in the «pencil» icon to enter in edit mode.
Now in this section, users will be able to see all the metadata. Below the user needs to click in the «Edit» button:
Note: You need at least 20 KIT in your NFT pet network in order to edit the appearance of your kitty.
Hit there to proceed to edit section.
Check all the available customizations tiers for your kitty starting from 20 KIT to 10000 KIT tokens (the most expensive ones).
More customizations will be cured and added.

Sending a Kittygotchi

Feeling generous? Or you are a big community owner? You cant mint and send kitties to your friends and colleagues and hook them with the SuperApp (affiliates will earn referral fees for their invites).
In your Kittygotchi dashboard just click in the «paper plane» icon to send the selected Kitty.
After pressing «Transfer» button you will this popup in your screen:
Paste the receiver address or search for one in your directory. Then press the «Transfer» button.
Last modified 1yr ago