Creating a wallet

This is a very practical feature that allows basically any user to create a ERC-20 wallet without downloading any extra mobile app, or giving sensitive information. This interface can be opened from any Chromium web browser, maximizing compatibility with any device screen.

The first step that users need to follow in order to create a new wallet is navigating to DexKit's DeFi dashboard. First-time joiners will see this screen below:

The platform allows the user to create an ERC-20 wallet by providing an email address or using the credentials of other services such as Discord, Twitter or Google. This wallet creation service is provided by Magic and they provide valuable documentation in their docs repo.

If the preferred method to create the wallet was using email, seconds later the user will receive an email from Magic with the link to enter. After clicking, the user will be redirected to the SuperApp with the new wallet created.

There we go! At this point the user will be able to use the DeFi dashboard freely.

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