NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)

Importing NFT collections

Users will be able to see and enjoy their NFTs right in the SuperApp importing the contract and inputting the token ID for each collection.

After importing some of your collections, you will see all the NFTs like the image above:

Some collections cannot be displayed for multiple reasons.

NFT details

Click on anyone of your imported NFTs and you will see the metadata (details, link to OpenSea, minted network, among others).

Sending NFTs to another addresses

Users can easily send imported NFTs to another ERC-20 addresses clicking in the three-dotted icon in the upper left of the selected NFT, then click on «Transfer»

Be careful when you are sending NFTs! If you send any NFT to a CEX ERC-20 address you will lose your token!

After clicking, the menu below will popup:

All cool? Click on the orange «Transfer» button and accept the interaction in your wallet. Your NFT will be send ASAP.

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