This tool enables the rapid creation of digital collectibles for any occasion (holiday cards, gaming collectibles, VIP pass, among thousands of utilities).
With a simple to operate and very efficient interface (made with the best development practices) any user can mint unlimited collections of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and sell them in the market of their choice.
Take a look at the app by entering the link [https://whitelabel-nft.dexkit.com/contract-wizard]

Support for image creation using AI. (DALL-E 2)

This collectible creation assistant also has artificial intelligence integration for the generation of images using natural language.
Thanks to the OpenAI API, this integration has been achieved allowing users to create great collections with just text input.
Generating NFTs through contract wizard is free, but the use of this AI functionality entails having a saving of 1,000 KIT (in any of the available networks for our token) in order to receive 50 images per month.
If the user considers a better plan, they should contact the team through our discord server [https://discord.com/invite/GJCRu4CYFH]
Do you like this tool? Send us a message on Twitter [https://twitter.com/dexkit].
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