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How to play

NFT League is a P2P game. This means that only two players (1 vs 1) can play in the same game from one minute to one week battles.

Game details

Entry amount

🎟Minimum bet is 1 MATIC.


✅One (01) minute ✅One (01) hours ✅Four (04) hours ✅Eight (08) hours ✅Twenty-four (24) hours or one day ✅One hundred sixty eight (168) hours or one week straight.

Start date

📅Game creator can choose any exact date.

Game type

📈Bull games or 📉bear games.


✖ 1x ✖ 10x ✖ 100x ✖ 1000x
Creating a game

Playing the game

Just right after the game starts, the percentage counters will be updated every ~5 seconds to show the performance of each contestant:
We had one test race and every detail is on the screen.
When the NFT race ends, players can manually end it or wait a few minutes for it to end automatically:
The winner will be highlighted on green and will receive the prize.
We are working on deploying stablecoins for playing NFT League, the same for Coin League. Our community asked for it, and we will deliver as soon the contract is finished.
Last modified 1yr ago