How to play

Setup Polygon Wallet

The first thing you need to setup is the Polygon network in your Metamask wallet.

Playing the Game

Users can buy crypto directly from our third-party integrations as we described here or just send ÚSDT [] and MATIC tokens (gas fees) to their Polygon wallet from an centralized exchanges that supports Polygon network. Withdraw USDT to Polygon wallets address using “POLYGON” network in the exchanges withdraw section. Once you have everything set up and connected in your Metamask wallet and you have USDT and MATIC tokens in your Polygon network.

Click Coin League section on the main menu to view the current games you can join.

You will see the games that are in progress. You can click and view any game

Below that you will see games that are available to play and open waiting for more players to start the race

You will see two dropdown lists, one to select your Captain Coin, that will be the coin you think is going to gain the most for BULL games or lose the most for BEAR games

In the second dropdown select the remaining coins you want to play with up to five (05) coins can be chosen depending on the game type.

Once finished an “Enter Game” button will appear Press that and your wallet will prompt you to complete the transaction to enter the game. The captain coin with a 1.2x multiplier combined with your other coins will make up your team, their percentages will be added together to make up your total score.

Once the game has started the countdown timer will start and begin calculating your rank based on the percentage gain or loss for the coins you chose.

All percentages are calculated on real time using Chainlink's price oracles, technology made to give anti-tampered data feeds.

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