Coin League

About the game

‘The game of the prices’, the ‘coin run’, the ‘crypto parlay’ among other names that our community suggested is the most innovative game that crypto users and gamers will find in the crypto world, where will challenge their technical and empirical skills as a short/mid/long-term price forecaster, raise sportsmanship, spend some valuable time with friends and colleagues and keep them updated with the newest innovations on crypto markets.

Game modes available

There are two types of games, The Bull (green or bullish markets market) and The Bear (red or bearish market) games. We will explain further about each one:

The Bull game 🐂

The % gained by each coin in a player’s team is added together, and prizing table is:

🥇Highest % gain wins 50% of the pot after fees 🥈2nd Highest % gain wins 20% of the pot after fees 🥉3rd 10% 🏅4th 10% and 🏠10% to the house.

The Bear game 🐻

Is the same, but highest % lost over the time frame selected:

For 5 player games

🥇The winner receives 60% 🥈2nd place gets 20% 🥉3rd one 10% and 🏠House always 10%.

For 2 players game

👑The winner gets the 90% and 🏠House will get 10%.

Game details

Coin League started paying MATIC tokens to their players but after a year the team decided to implement 💲USDT on Polygon in order to increase rewards for player predictions and preserve interest in the game. More details about this implementation here.

Aware that official 💲USDT contract for Polygon network is this [].

About the wage

Each player must choose one (01) option and pays:

1 USDT 5 USDT 25 USDT 100 USDT 250 USDT 500 USDT

Don't forget that you need to hold MATIC to pay gas fees (are super cheap, so with .5 MATIC you can pay at least a dozen of games)

About the coins to choose

Each of these games has options for different number of players per game

Two (02) players Three (03) players Five (05) players Ten (10) players Twenty-five (25) players Fifty (50) players

About the coins to wager

Each of these games have an option of the number of coins selected.

One (01) coin Two (02) coins Five (05) coins

About time and deadlines

Each game has option for time frame

One (01) hour Four (04) hours Eight (08) hours Twenty-four (24) hours One (01) week – Seven calendar days (168 hours) One (01) month – Thirty calendar days (720 hours).

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