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Have you and your relatives been struggling to find an efficient DEX aggregator that would help save crypto to you and your loved ones? DexKit created the right solution for this!

Swap instantly any ERC20 token, place liquidity on pools and put limit orders on any of the supported networks (for now Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom with total efficiency).

Deploying DSWAP is easy (zero coding) and you will be able to earn crypto for each one of your friends that uses your dApp for trading. Can you imagine how profitable this tool can be for large communities? 💸

Users can add their token based on the most famous token lists, and also import their own ERC20 tokens. This is a perfect solution for token sales / ICO: Redirect all your clients to your platform to buy your coin and earn fees from it.

Your clients will also save a lot of crypto on fees since DexKit optimized Smart Contracts with the most clean code and least routing in order to keep each transaction cheap.

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About DSWAP can be seen here.

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