Learn here how to deploy your brand new DEX aggregator easily, without any complication.


  • WordPress 6 and PHP 7.4 (Works on latter WP 5 versions too).

  • At least 50 MB of available space for installation and logs.

  • API code received in the email at the time of purchase at Codecanyon.

First steps

1. Follow these instructions [external site] to increase the upload limit of your WordPress site.

2. Go to the Plugins tab and click on "Add new".

3. Click on sequential order: a) "Upload Plugin", b) Choose file (Download the last plugin version on ZIP format from here) then after selected, press c) and wait few seconds.

4. After installation is complete, click on "Activate Plugin".

5. Now let's add DexKit's plugin to a new page. Using the side menu, click on Pages and then on Add New.

6. Add a shortcode plugin to the new page. Follow this tutorial if you can't add a shortcode plugin:

7. Now you need to generate your dApp shortcode to deploy your aggregator. Enter in DexKit's SuperApp on this link and fill all the information requested there.

8. After filling that part, press on the "Next" button. You will see the next screen:

9. Press now on "Submit" and then the orange link "Copy Wordpress shortcode" as the image below.

10. Now we need to go to the page we created in the step 7 to paste the shortcode inside a shortcode box, like we explained before. It will looks like the image below:

11. The last step is here! 🥳 Now you need to go to «DexKit AGGREGATOR» section in the left menu of your WordPress administration panel and paste the code you purchased on Codecanyon.

Note: The step above is mandatory for Premium products and there is no way to cheat the system. We use state-or-the-art authentication technology to provide an unique code for each buyer.

Full shortcode options

The shortcode generator that we used before to create your shortcode provides the optimal features for regular operation. Some options below might become your aggregator unstable (or ugly 🧟‍♂️), so be cautious! 💁‍♂️

  • logo - url to logo used in light mode.

  • logo_dark - url to logo used in dark mode.

  • affiliate - address where fees are routed if it holds over 500 KIT on the used network.

  • brand_color - brand color used in light mode.

  • brand_color_dark - brand color used in dark mode.

  • is_dark_mode - dark mode by default.

  • height - height size of the aggregator.

  • width - width size of the aggregator.

  • matic_as_default - use Polygon as default network when open aggregator.

  • bsc_as_default - use Binance Chain as default network when open aggregator.

  • avax_as_default - use Avalanche as default network when open aggregator.

  • default_token_address_eth - Default token on ETH network.

  • default_token_address_bsc - Default token on Binance Chain network.

  • default_token_address_matic - Default token on Polygon network.

  • default_token_address_avax - Default token on Avalanche network.

  • default_slippage - Default slippage of the aggregator, useful for tokens that need higher slippage to trade.

  • buy_token_percentage - percentage between 0 and 5%. Default is 0.3%.

Full Example

[dexkit_aggregator_codecanyon affiliate="0x5bD68B4d6f90Bcc9F3a9456791c0Db5A43df676d" height="800px" width="100%" logo="path_to_logo" logo_dark="path_to_logo" is_dark_mode="true" matic_as_default="false" bsc_as_default="false" default_token_address_eth="0x7866E48C74CbFB8183cd1a929cd9b95a7a5CB4F4" default_token_address_bsc="0x314593fa9a2fa16432913dbccc96104541d32d11" default_token_address_matic="0x4d0def42cf57d6f27cd4983042a55dce1c9f853c" default_token_address_avax="0x264c1383ea520f73dd837f915ef3a732e204a493" default_token_address_fantom="0x95dd59343a893637be1c3228060ee6afbf6f0730" default_slippage="2" brand_color="#ff7149" brand_color_dark="#2172E5" buy_token_percentage="0.3" ]

Note: Shortcode attributes won't work on full page.

Congratulations! 🥳🎊 you have just finished the Aggregator plugin installation process on your WordPress site!

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