Mission, Vision and Values

Because each company must know what it wants to know where it is going. Here are the guidelines that sustain us as open source software developers.

Our Mission

Democratize access to advanced decentralized finance tools, providing resources for users to easily learn about cryptocurrencies, build and expand their crypto projects.

Our Vision

Consolidate DexKit's brand on the global stage as a reference in the use of decentralized finance technologies applied to people and business.

Our Values


We guarantee user security in our systems. Security results from trust in the technologies we adopt.

💰Financial autonomy

We work with decentralized development tools, so that people and businesses fully own their financial resources, without intermediaries.


We build with the newest and best tools in decentralized finance technologies and cryptocurrencies. We want our tools to be accessible to everyone.


We are attentive to what may enter the market as a novelty and we want to be pioneers developing innovative solutions.

📱User Experience

We want the user experience of our applications to be easy and pleasant, always available on-cloud, without heavy apps.


We love open source. People and companies are welcome to help and evolve with us.


We seek to simplify the complexity of cryptocurrencies with features that are easy to use and for everyone to understand.