Q1-Q2 - Q3

โœ…SuperApp DeFi Dashboard

  • Add Fantom, Avalanche (and any EVM by custom add), OKC chain and BTC to wallet and trade

  • UI improvements.

โœ…Coin League

  • Add contracts with support for Stablecoins.

  • Deploy new games.

โœ…White label and Premium products

  • NFT Marketplace with support for ETH, BSC, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche networks โœ…

  • White label Farming app.

  • Exchange Orderbook.

  • NFT collection which represents custom themes for Exchange and NFT Marketplace.

โœ…Governance kicking to drive next roadmap items

  • Hold 1,000 KIT and vote on Snapshot

  • Use governance to prioritize next developments on White label and Gaming products.

โœ… For KIT token

  • Deploy farms to help liquidity on BSC and Polygon.

  • Buybacks using Coin League and Aggregator profits.

โœ… Kittygotchi

  • Adding games using Kittygotchi as power up.

  • Adding more visual traits/customization tiers.

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