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Meet the Team!

Our current team and a short review of their lives. In turn, we have dozens of collaborators in our social networks.

João Tiago Loureiro Sousa Campos

👋 Founder / Head Developer — 💌 [email protected] — 🇧🇷 Natal, Rio Grande do Norte (GMT-3) — LinkedIn


PhD in Electrical Engineering, former university professor and Full Stack developer with an impeccable educational and work history. He regularly collaborates with the powerful 0x project and this has earned him the respect of the web3 developer community. João currently resides in Brazil, where he legally registered the startup.

Eliécer Rafael Hernández Falcón

👋 Consultant / Writer / WebDev — 💌 [email protected] — 🇻🇪 Punto Fijo, Falcón, Venezuela (GMT-4) — LinkedIn


Computer Technician with more than 15 years of experience in the field. He works as Consultant, Writer and WebDev, creating content for the project and advising the Founder regarding operative matters. Eliécer has experience advising small startups in his region, Canada and Panama. He currently works remotely, full time, focused on helping João position DexKit among the most popular startups in the Hispanic crypto ecosystem.

Mariama Saskya

👋 Process Analyst — 🇧🇷 Natal, Rio Grande do Norte (GMT-3) — LinkedIn


Production Engineer, Specialist in Process Management. Mariama works hand-in-hand with João, locally in Natal, Brazil. To DexKit she brings her amazing educational and employment experience building successful companies from scratch. She is part of the Core team as a Process and Project Analyst.
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